Sunday, May 29, 2011

Well, things are going alright so far...

I'm liking the way this blog is shaping up. Over the next few days I'll be bringing in reviews I've published other places (like Metal-Archives) and that I've posted on other blogs. I still need to work out the review scoring system. I like assigning arbitrary numbers to things, so I'm definitely keeping the scale, but I still need to set a distinct standard or "average." Whatever the case, I'm sure you'll see it in a few days with updated scores for all the albums I've done so far (and the reviews I'll be bringing over).

Until then, enjoy this humorous picture of Lil Wayne wearing a studded vest with Anti-Cimex (upper left) and Iron Maiden (upper right) patches.

Is Lil Wayne a closet crusty kid? The world may never know.

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