Monday, June 6, 2011

The Scale

Here's the scale I use in my review scoring system for those wondering what those numbers at the bottom of each review mean (in 0.25s):

9.5-9.75 is undeniably a great work of art.
9.0-9.25 is an instant classic.
8.0-8.75 is exceptional and will be in rotation often.
7.0-7.75 is a solid album overall with some minor glaring flaws.
6.0-6.75 is barely above average, but has some interesting traits that make it listenable.
5.0-5.75 is banal, mediocre, average, whatever.
4.0-4.75 is devoid of creativity. Bad.
3.0-3.75 is pretty much terrible.
2.0-2.75 is actually painful to listen to.
1.0-1.75 is atrocious and barely qualifies as noise let alone music.
0.1-0.75 is disgusting, literally offensive to the listener.
0 has to be a joke, no really.

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