Thursday, December 8, 2011

Necrovorous - Funeral For The Sane

What a year for death metal. The frothing-at-the-mouth horde of OSDM fanboys has to be sated by this point. Greece's Necrovorous hit the scene to force-feed more reverb and subterranean production to the old school death metal fan in you.

Hmm. Let's take a dense slab of death metal and slather it with a bit of d-beat, and sprinkle it with a pinch of doom.That must have been what Necrovorous were thinking when they wrote Funeral For The Sane. Necrovorous for some reason sound very modern although typically combining the aforementioned elements that comprise the early-mid '90s sound. In a similar vein to Swedish acts Tribulation or maybe even Revolting, Necrovorous' Funeral For The Sane plods along at a familiar mid-pace. "Succubus Dormitory" sets the tone for the album but is soon forgotten as Necrovorous plunges into the pit-opener "The Flesh That Smiles." I just love how you can hear A. Devilpig's (what a retarded name) fingers sliding around the guitar strings, and the basslines close to the end reverberate with a nice intensity. The production is really something to talk about here. It's dense, dark, and every instrument stands out in the mix. This is how old school death metal in general should sound with 2011 production techniques.

There's a lot of groove to this album. Songs like "Malignant Entrapment" and my favorite on the album, "The Vilest Of All Dreams" are chugging monstrosities. The latter begins with a solo and some doomier riffs which lead into a fun mosh riff backed by a d-beat. As with most OSDM, there isn't much in the way of technicality on this album, and the musicians get by with some of the more simple riffing this side of Dead Congregation. That's totally fine by me.

Obviously this is all stuff you've heard before, and that does make Necrovorous' latest seem a bit less appealing. Now you might be one of those asshats (don't worry I'm one too) that's like "Oh shit another OSDM clones' release to throw into the folder already filled with a hundred other albums." Funeral For The Sane is actually worth listening to. It's a catchy departure from the usual noisy riffs and Incantation worship bands that seem to be the current trend.

7.5 out of 10


1. Sanity's Fall (Intro)
2. Succubus Dormitory
3. The Flesh That Smiles
4. The Vilest of All Dreams
5. Deathknells
6. Mind Lacerations
7. Malignant Entrapment
8. Spawn of Self Abhorrence
9. Funeral for the Sane
10.   Dwellers of My Flesh

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