Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mithras - Worlds Beyond The Veil

Continuing where Mithras left off with their debut, Worlds Beyond The Veil takes the listener to an entirely different realm. The cosmic atmosphere and soaring production of Worlds Beyond The Veil help differentiate it from their debut, but when your first release is as good as Forever Advancing...Legions, there's not much you can improve on.

Here we have Mithras doing what they do best: combining atmospherically dense songs with bizarre, technical riffs and structures giving them an otherwordly sound. Perhaps the biggest difference a Mithras fan will notice right off the bat is the different production techniques used on Worlds Beyond The Veil. The riffs all have an echo to them, giving the album that aforementioned “spacey” feel, and the synth is much more subdued than it was on their previous release, which I believe fits this album's theme much better. The drumming is as brutal as ever, and the solos have gotten a lot more developed. There's also a distinct lack of the short interludes that the previous album used to break apart the intensity of it's main offering, instead replacing them with tracks like “Sands Of Time” and “Search The Endless Planes,” where synth and guitar intertwine to bring the listener into the dense sonic soundscape.

The space atmosphere is the second thing any Mithras fan (or new listener for that matter) will notice on Worlds Beyond The Veil. The entire feel of the album is very cosmic and enticing, explorative and yet grand in scope. Thankfully, unlike some more atmospheric bands, the songwriting on Worlds Beyond The Veil doesn't suffer because of this in any way. Mithras continue their aural assault unhindered by such issues, providing the listener with a living, breathing impression of the universe.

Although it might be similar to Mithras' previous work, Worlds Beyond The Veil is still fantastic. The atmosphere alone is enough to take any listener to another plane of existence, but when combined with the crushing drumwork and technical riffing, it can really immerse the listener for the 46 minutes it lasts. Without a weak track on the album it's a very well-developed album by one of my favorite artists.

9.0 out of 10


1. Portal to the... (Intro)

2. Worlds Beyond the Veil

3. Bequeath Thy Visions

4. The Caller and the Listener

5. Break the Worlds' Divide

6. Lords and Masters

7. Psyrens

8. Voices in the Void

9. The Sands of Time

10. Search the Endless Planes

11. They Came and You Were Silent

12. Transcendence

13. Beyond the Eyes of Man 

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