Friday, May 31, 2013

Enos - All Too Human

Enos are a stoner and space rock trio from the UK whose music blends fat bass tones and psychedelic melodies into an accessible concept album package. The artwork for All Too Human caught my eye so I decided to check it out. All Too Human is pretty exemplary of the subgenres it plays to, but there are some light doom riffs and classic rock-isms that keep it interesting.

After a few listens I've decided that Enos' music works great, like many stoner and space rock bands, as a jam piece. There's plenty of quality riffs and guitar phrases hidden amongst the strong song dynamics of "Left For Dead," instrumental "Obscured," and the Pink Floyd-esque "Collisions." Enos utilize acoustic guitar melodies, numerous effects, and briefly interspersed female backing vocals to build a light atmosphere throughout All Too Human. "Another Solution" is notable for its heavier, fuzzy doom style riffing which is a heavy jump from the previous tracks.

Chris Rizzanski's vocals are oddly harsh throughout most of All Too Human. They work well at the end of "Left For Dead" and on "Collisions." I'm not too big on his raspy, occasionally grungy vocal style though. The title track is boring, predictable hard rock to begin with, but Rizzanski's vocals take it from dull to sharply annoying. The production and mixing are standard fare, which isn't a bad thing as long as you enjoy your bass (which I do). It can't be too hard to imitate the "classics" like Hawkwind and Kyuss in this regard.

7.25 out of 10

1. ...And Beyond
2. All Too Human
3. Left For Dead
4. Collisions
5. Another Solution
6. Obscured
7. Devil Makes Work
8. Up 'n' Down
9. Who Knew


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