Friday, September 2, 2011

Origin - Entity

Origin's new album came out quite awhile ago, and honestly I didn't enjoy it at first. The lame crystal clear production was to blame, but as time went on I noticed the ingenuity in some of the riffs. There was a creative spark on Entity that was missing from their previous records, but at the same time it was mired in that oh-so-shitty low end lacking production.

A few months later and I'm finally ready to tackle this album. As I mentioned, the first thing that any fan of Origin will notice is the stupidly clean production and the lack of any real heaviness. It should hit you like a wrecking ball to the face right after the opening of "Expulsion Of Fury." "That's fine, there's bound to be sweet riffs. This is Origin, after all!" Yeah, that's what I thought for quite some time too.

An apt comparison to Origin's riffs is the water weight a lot of steroid using athletes put on. They're superficial, bloated, and it's ever so common amongst the competition. There are some gems hidden amongst the coal though - "Saligia" is extremely catchy, "Swarm" ends on a headbanger, and "Committed" sounds like something Gigan would write. The closing riff at the end of "Evolution Of Extinction" is pretty badass as well. It's a shame that the rest isn't up to par since I really liked the album for a week or so, but after that I found myself zoning out everytime I gave it a spin.

The technicality on the album is on par with or greater than that of Origin's magnum opus Antithesis, and I feel like a lot of the songs sound like they'd fit more in with Echoes Of Decimation than their previous effort. "Consequence Of Solution" is one of those tracks. A few of the shorter, grindier songs are completely forgettable, like "Banishing Illusion" and "Fornever." The exceptions would be the relentless "Swarm" and the odd "Committed," with the rest falling somewhere in between.

It's a shame that Entity's potential was never realized and the production is so god-awful. If you're a fan of technical death or Origin you may find something worth listening to on here, and I can guarantee it'll hold your interest for a little at least. But don't spend any of your hard-earned cash on this when there's stuff like Archspire, Beyond Creation, and Gigan. Better yet go pick up Echoes Of Decimation or Antithesis.

6.5 out of 10

1. Expulsion of Fury

2. Purgatory

3. Conceiving Death

4. Swarm

5. Saligia

6. The Descent

7. Fornever

8. Committed

9. Banishing Illusion

10. Consequence of Solution

11. Evolution of Extinction

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