Sunday, September 11, 2011

Metal News - September 5th-11th

In the past week there's been quite a lot of buzz going on in the metal community. Autopsy announced a new album, Lifelover's songwriter "B" died, Krisiun went analog, and doomlords Black Pyramid broke up.

Autopsy also announced that they will be releasing an EP compilation. Here's the quote from the band:

"Greetings Sicko's, we go into the studio at the end of October to record 3 new songs. It will be a taste of the new album that will soon follow. The 3 new songs will be released on a special release by Peaceville Records. It will also include all the E.P.s (Tomb Within, Fiend for Blood, Retribution for the Dead, Horrific Obssession 7", and Funereality) that are out of print. A jackhammer to your skull."

That sounds fucking awesome, although I'm not sure how great Macabre Eternal really is. It certainly holds up pretty well as opposed to other death metal legends' recent releases, but I don't find it particularly amazing. As for Lifelover, I can safely say "okay." Nothing done by Lifelover has impressed me in the slightest, and although it's sad news for fans of the band, I couldn't really care less. As for Black Pyramid, I'm a bit shocked since they never really reached their full potential. The self-titled is cool if a bit derivative, but they showed promise. A shame indeed.

As for Krisiun, the new album has me stoked. Even if it's just PR bullshit like it normally is, check this out:

"KRISIUN only used analog gear and instruments this time to avoid the compressed sound that so many musicians produce today. This wise decision resulted in a more organic sound, with the songs on "The Great Execution" possessing both warmth and rawness, which are so often lost through digital production. The low end is deeper, with drums that pound instead of bounce and guitar tones that sear rather than hiss".

So although Southern Storm was a bit compressed and overproduced, the Brazilian death trio seems to be kicking it back to their roots on Black Force Domain.

Stay tuned on Halloween for this monstrous album.

I'll try to keep the updates coming, but honestly with school starting up and all the socializing and other stuff, it's going to be tough to be on time.


  1. Krisiun album looks cool.

    It's probably the only album left in the year that I want to hear (especially now that new Gorguts will be in 2012 :( )

  2. Well luckily there's Baring Teeth and Flourishing to hold you over. Seriously I need to write something about those albums because they're pretty sweet.

    Still sucks Gorguts was delayed though.