Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hound Of Hades - Keeper Of The Gates

A few quickies coming your way, so watch your eyes (also don't hurt your eyes with the obnoxious banner I made. The real version was a bitch to edit so I threw that one up there as a placeholder).

The three-headed beast, the gate guardian of Hades' lair, Cerberus the mythological monstrosity, is a complete pussy. Hound Of Hades is a new melodic deathcore band that reeks of being derivative (as if their logo didn't scream it loud enough). If this music embodies that dumb three-headed dog's ferocity, then I could sleepwalk into Hades lair and have more trouble getting out of bed than passing through the gates. Their debut Keeper Of The Gates is a prime display of heard time-and-again riffing, drop tuning boredom.

The redeeming qualities of this album? Well, there's a few. The first is that the musicianship here is completely competent. "Galton's Theory" opens with a flurry of hum-along melodies which is cool, but if you've even heard of deathcore or melodic death metal, you've heard this shit before. The Gothenburg melodies flow pretty effortlessly and there's plenty of solos. The second redeeming quality is the liberal hooks thrown into the tracks which kept me coming back for at least three or so listens before I got completely bored. Keeping in mind that this is deathcore, there's plenty of half-hearted breakdowns which usually lead to some sort of Gothenburg riff - see "Lens Of Truth." Ironically enough "Mantracker" begins with a sample from the overrated "comedy" film and coming-of-age-story Zombieland. It's only too fitting for this album.

5.0 out of 10


1. Galton's Theory
2. Mantracker
3. A Blessing, A Curse
4. Lens of Truth
5. In Loving Memory
6. The Most Dangerous Game
7. Prophecies
8. Keeper of the Gates

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