Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Disma - Towards The Megalith

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Disma is an interesting old-school death metal band that really garnered a lot of attention in 2011 with their most recent release, Towards The Megalith. As Disma's first full-length, it's quite an impressive combination of reverb-filled brutality and suffocatingly heavy doom riffs.

The OSDM scene has really gotten a lot of attention as a reactionary movement to the whole technical death scene which itself has fractured into many splinter movements. Disma is a new face amongst the plethora of bands spearheading the OSDM movement, and likely they'll be mentioned alongside modern classics like Funebrarum and Blaspherian. This album has all the trademarks: heavy as fuck riffing, guttural vocals, and the production quality one would associate with old-school death metal.

As most old-school death metal is, Towards The Megalith is a riff based monstrosity of an album. There's plenty of memorable chug-along riffs in the opener "Chaos Apparition" and my favorite of the album, "Spectral Domination." There's also quite a few tempo changes which keep the sometimes long-winded songs from getting stale. "Lost In The Burial Fog" is a prime example here, and the track remains interesting throughout despite visiting similar patterns and structures explored on the other tracks. There are some weak links though, and the middle of the album does drag quite a bit. "Vault of Membros" almost treads into funeral doom territory with it's plodding pace and the absolutely abyssal vocal approach. "Purulent Quest" on the other hand is a completely forgettable track that really serves no right to be on the album.

Although Towards The Megalith is generally a derivative venture, it's overall a great one and easily one of the highlights for OSDM this year. Definitely worth checking out if you're into that stuff.

8.5 out of 10

1. Chaos Apparition

2. Chasm of Oceanus

3. Spectral Domination

4. Vault of Membros

5. Purulent Quest

6. Lost in the Burial Fog

7. Of a Past Forlorn

8. Towards the Megalith 

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