Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cianide - Gods Of Death

After reviewing Alcest I figured you should get a dose of ballsy, testosterone-fueled death metal. So I present to you: Cianide's Gods Of Death!

Masculinity: This album has it. These old-school death metallers from Chicago don't know when to relent. High gain riffing and muddy, reverb-drenched soloing dominate the soundscapes on Gods Of Death. Consistency is the name of the game for Cianide and their sound really hasn't changed much since the early '90s. However this time around there's more than one track that breaks the seven-minute mark...

Balls: This is what Cianide excels at. "Rising Of The Beast" is filled with thrashy d-beats and some unintentionally funny, traditional death metal lyrics like "six, six-fucking, six" and "All your gods are dead, now you fucking die!" It's this goofy charm that makes Gods Of Death so appealing. Pit fiends and ripped dudes wanting to flex need not worry, there's plenty of bruising to be done when the pit riffs on "Idolator" and the entirety of "Terrorstrikes" play too. I feel like Gods Of Death is a hard album to hate for that reason. The album is fun and energetic, not to the point of stupidity or cheesiness, but it has all the bouncy crossover sounds of thrash seamlessly blended with the intensity of death metal. Sadly the longer songs are really boring. The second long track, "The One True Death" almost borders on doom/death metal, and that'd be fine if it was one of the many OSDM revival bands that usually incorporate that sound like Funebrarum, but instead it makes for a boring track that I often find myself skipping over.

Good: That's what Gods Of Death is. It's not really much more than that to be completely honest. The production is clear but filled with just enough reverb, and the riffs are sometimes catchy enough to become stuck in your head, but there is absolutely nothing special on Gods Of Death.

7.0 out of 10


1. Desecration Storm

2. Forsaken Doom

3. Rising of the Beast

4. Dead and Rotting

5. Idolator

6. Terrorstrikes

7. The One True Death

8. Contained and Controlled 

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