Sunday, February 19, 2012

Abominable Putridity - In The End Of Human Existence

Break out your hater blockers and start struttin' because I'm about to review wigger-slam heroes Abominable Putridity on both of their full-lengths. If you know anything about slam death metal, you know it gets a lot of hate. In fact YOU probably hate it. I'm here to tell you that you're fucking retarded if you do. Slam death metal is groove at it's most brutal and is often rhythmically complex despite featuring some really stupid-heavy riffs.

Abominable Putridity capitalizes on this on their first full-length In The End Of Human Existence (alternative art here). The album sits at a glorious 32% on Metal Archives, which I find humorous. Everything about the album is brutal, rhythmic fun that gets stuck in your head. Sure, there's no atmosphere. Sure, there's no real dynamics. Sure, the songs eventually reach a degree of monotony, but if you're focusing on these points you're missing the point of the album: to be as stupidly brutal as possible.

And in that regard, In The End Of Human Existence succeeds.

Each track is like a sledgehammer to your skull. "Blindfold Surgery," "Skin Removal," "Throat Fisting Abortion," and my favorite "Sphacelated Nerves" crush bone and rend flesh with their intense slam riffing and the incessant hammering of the loose snare.  These tracks all feature slam riffs often enough to be considered three-minute-minute slams, while others like "Victims Stuffed With Nails" and "Intestinal Putrefaction" take a more speedy brutal death metal approach. Most of the time the pace remains at slam levels of medium though, and that's perfectly fine.

The production on In The End OF Human Existence is fittingly gritty and dense, and the loose snare really gives certain slams that extra oomph. Instrumentally these guys aren't given nearly enough credit either, as each track is often significantly more complex than it sounds at first. There's a lot of time signature changes, rests (see: "Intestinal Putrefaction"), and pseudo-technical riffing present that keep Abominable Putridity from reaching Emmurecore levels of monotony.

Now that's not to say the album is unabashedly wholesome fun. The lack of dynamics makes it a very periodic listen and the fact the album has no real atmosphere to it makes it a great listen when bro-ing out or at the gym and nothing more. However that's all In The End Of Human Existence needs to be a decent album in my eyes.

7.0 out of 10

1. Intracranial Parasite
2. Entrails Full of Vermin
3. Blindfold Surgery
4. Skin Removal
5. Dissected from Within
6. Throat Fisting Abortion
7. Intestinal Putrefaction
8. Victims Stuffed with Nails
9. Sphacelated Nerves
10.   In the End of Human Existence

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