Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coprocephalic - Gluttonous Chunks

Quick review time!

Generic brutal death metal name?
Generic but slightly amusing brutal death metal album title? CHECK.
Dead Space's Necromorph creatures as album art? CHECK.
Horror film samples? CHECK.
Fun dial set to eleven? CHECK.

I don't know why I love shit like this so much. I was about to blame my low expectations and first impressions after seeing such generic album covers, but then I realized that brutal death metal has some of my favorite extreme metal conventions: chromatic riffs, guttural vocals, unpredictable time signature changes, and hooks in the form of disjointed slams or grooves. With that said, Thai-turned-States act Coprocephalic groove fucking hard. Gluttonous Chunks is a proud statement that reinventing the wheel isn't needed to have a good time. There's loads of quality riffs (see: "Scourging The Obese") and slams (closer "Embryonal Coagulated Genesis") on Gluttonous Chunks. There's even a Wormed cover, which is certified rad just like the rest of the album.

7.0 out of 10

1. Intro (The Nemesis Uprising)
2. Severe Contamination
3. Gluttonous Chunks
4. Inhuman Nerousis
5. Injected With Violent Supremacy
6. Pavement Of A Thousand Torsos
7. Pulses In Rhombus Forms (Wormed Cover)
8. Scourging The Obese
9. Concrete Exhumation
10. Embryonal Coagulated Genesis


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