Thursday, March 8, 2012

Revolting - In Grisly Rapture

"Revolting. And Revolting. And Revolting. And Revolting. And Revolting." That's the sample used to end Revolting's genitalia-covered, In Grisly Rapture.

Melody is a term applied to bird songs and shitty Gothenburg bands. However to Rogga Johansson the term means "Leads. Leads everywhere." Rogga's infectious leads are back, but this time their prominence is dominating and a bit forced at times. "The Plague Of Matul" features some fun yet aggressive melodies, and "Dr. Freudstein" follows up with some nice arpeggiated riffs in the verse and holds some melodious notes in the chorus. In Grisly Rapture loses the fun horror-schlock feel of it's predecessors though in exchange for a more serious, sombre tone. Honestly it hurts the sound when coupled with the more melodic riffing.

I'm not sure how I feel about this change in direction. Each track remains catchy, hook-laden, and fun, but to a lesser extent now that the melodies have been amped up and are now more prominent. Part of the reason I enjoyed the other Revolting albums so was the heavy, headbanging grooves. In Grisly Rapture trades most of them away. The track "The Devil Witch" which seem to have grooving potential devolves into boringness while more intense tracks like "(Beyond) The Book Of Eibon" and "Human Exterminator" are shadows of former glories on The Terror Threshold, although "Human Exterminator" is one of the better tracks on the album.

The production is a bit weaker as well and less bass-heavy. The mixing job isn't nearly as good this time around and it makes In Grisly Rapture feel somewhat subdued. Everything about it is weaker than it's predecessor, although there is always fun to be had with some hook-filled Swedish death metal.

7.0 out of 10


1. Hell in Dunwich
2. The Plague of Matul

3. Human Exterminator

4. Dr. Freudstein

5. "Died of Fright"

6. Sucked into the Sand

7. (Beyond) The Book of Eibon

8. The Devil Witch

9. Hideous & Revolting

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