Friday, March 2, 2012

Writhing - Indomitable

More quickies to finish off the week - then hopefully onto something more interesting...

Writhing is an artist that still hasn't released a full-length. Their second EP Indomitable is a solid example of death/thrash metal done competently and appropriately.

A lot of bands these days try to mix genres, and Writhing is no exception. There's a few black metal riffs and stylings scattered amongst the thrashing death. Opener and title track "Indomitable" is a death metal track littered with d-beats and the occasional black metal riff and layered vocal work. It's pretty standard fare, but it's also pretty fun and isn't held back by shitty production or weak guitars. I definitely got more into "Death Of Your Dream" the first time I listened to the EP since it features all those elements but with a nice chugging bridge and typically thrashtacular soloing similar to that of early Morbid Angel. The final track on Indomitable, "Prey," does a bit more to distinguish itself. From the acoustic intro to the uncharacteristic mid-paced riffing and black metal tremolo, it's easy to see all the subgenre stylings that Writhing implements on this track. They do a solid job of accomplishing the implementation too - and there's nothing inherently bad about Indomitable other than it being a collection of sounds you've undoubtedly heard before.

6.5 out of 10


1. Indomitable  
2. Death Of Your Dream
3. Prey

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