Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Macabra - Blood-Nurtured Nature

Wow this album is hilariously bad.

I don't really know what to say, other than this is probably the most insipid and derivative death metal album I've heard in the last two years. It has some of the ugliest pinch harmonics, some of the saddest production, some of the most pathetic sounding guitar riffs and half-hearted rasps, and dear god the title track...where to begin? It's got some of the most trite, obnoxious keyboards I've ever heard. Not a single track on here is worth devoting your time to. Everything sounds like it was recorded in my fucking basement.

It's a pretty funny release though solely for that reason.

There is an appeal in that humor. It's in the fact this album is absolute garbage. It feels so unclean, so unwashed, and so vile, that I can totally see this album appealing to some people for those reasons. The shitty production, uninspired riffing, and dull song titles and all feels very DIY and honest. Actually on first listen it reminded me of a terrible version of Autopsy's sound on Mental Funeral. So if that's what you're looking for, be my guest. However I look for good music, and you certainly won't be finding that here.

2.25 out of 10


1. Life Is the Symptom
2. Fragments of Torpor
3. Hominal Peel Diggers
4. Blood-Nurtured Nature
5. Consuming the Fleshly Wax
6. Thick Slabs of Moribund Fat
7. Contribution to Your Dis-Elaboration
8. Exile of Sanity

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