Monday, January 2, 2012

Abacinate - Genesis

I don't like 95% of the East Coast Hardcore movement. NYHC is really irritating in itself with all the macho, tribal tattoo-armed dudebros flailing their arms and doing ninja kicks to shitty songs complaining about the government not giving out enough foodstamps. Abacinate takes this movement and applies it to metal, and the results are absolutely hilarious.

Genesis is a special album, I'll give it that. Abacinate takes elements of deathcore and death metal, combines them, and then proceeds to dumb them down to knuckle-dragging beefhead levels. Chug anthems like "An American Obsession" and "Purveyors Of Scum" are filled to the brim with tuffguy lyrics and some of the funniest breakdowns ever, backed by scene erm...legends like Marc Jamieson. The part he contributes is literally something about meeting him down at the pub and "I'm trying to get fucked up, Abacinate motherfucking 2010 bitch!" If that isn't awesome (and retarded) I don't know what is.

Honestly Genesis is a pretty fun and catchy album. The riffs aren't nearly as idiotic as the lyrics and some of them are actually pretty technical, utilizing the predictable pinch-harmonics and some odd time signatures (see: "Night Of The Desirable Objects"). Some tracks are more grind-influenced, like "The Natural Disasters." The production is also pretty solid all around. Every instrument is audible and at an appropriate level in the mix. In fact Genesis reminds me of other "dumb" metal bands like Mortician and Jungle Rot with an added degree of technicality. The former is shitty and the latter's newest sucked so you could always substitute this in to get your fill of retard-strong stupidity. We all need it at some point.

7.25 out of 10


1. Night of the Desirable Objects
2. Disturbing Remedies for a Desperate Disease
3. Purveyors of Scum
4. Necroplunger
5. The Natural Disasters
6. A Harmless Walk
7. An American Obsession
8. Laughing in the Dark Pt. I
9. Laughing in the Dark Pt. II
10. The Bundy Curse

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