Friday, January 27, 2012

Entrapment - Crawling Morbidity

Entrapment's Crawling Morbidity is merely a demo. A demo that's weird as fuck because after listening to it I have no clue where these guys are going: either down the traditional death/thrash revival route, or the less traveled, more experimental version of the same path. There are definitely a few cool song ideas (other than the obvious "play d-beat death metal") and riffs on here, mostly on the track "Mass Obliteration." It's a pick-slide filled track with a few atypical death metal riffs thrown in close to the beginning. The opening riff honestly reminds me of something almost akin to Demilich. However it's just a fleeting passage as the demo picks up speed and predictability.

The latter two tracks "Carnal Fear" and "Crawling Morbidity" are a bit more traditional death/thrash metal with a Scandinavian, primarily Nihilist-influenced sound especially on the former (with those ghoulish laughs and all). There's quite a few d-beat passages with downtuned crossover riffing too. I usually like this stuff, but I've heard it so many times before and it's not really impressing me this time around. It can be fun in the right context especially with the raw, lo-fi production though. There's really nothing else to write about as the demo is short and doesn't leave much to the imagination. I wouldn't mind hearing a full-length from these guys though since they clearly have talent. I just wish they'd use that talent on writing some more original songs.

6.25 out of 10


1. Crawling Morbidity
2. Carnal Fears
3. Mass Obliteration

It's a trap!

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