Friday, January 13, 2012

Tombstalker - Tombstalker

Quickies. Solely because my music listening habits in the past week have been pretty erratic and I don't feel like reviewing albums we've all heard time and again, at least not right now.

Prior to releasing any full-lengths, some bands play it reluctantly. Kentucky's Tombstalker is one of those bands. They've released nothing but demos and performed on a few splits with various black metal bands. Last year they released their self-titled EP which is full of black/death thrashing fun. A track by track review is in order as the EP consists of a mere four songs.

"Lecherous Aeon" opens with a tremolo theme, and if the guitar tone wasn't so fuzzy and distorted I would probably mistake it for something out of Skeletonwitch's early discography. It's got all their melodic tendencies but a decent production to back it up. The tremolo theme makes a recurring appearance and overall the song is really well-written. "Ocularis Terribus" is a more death metal influenced romp. It even has a few pinch harmonics which with the production give some of the riffs an interesting sound. "Supreme Veneration of Death" like the previous two tracks is littered with d-beat goodness and the closer "Bastard Warriors" is, if described in one word, blastacular. In several words it's a bit more dull than the previous tracks but it could've been worse.

The mixing is pretty sound on here, with the riffs being prominent and powerful but also distorted to proper levels. The vocals are primarily black metal influenced, with high growls and thrash grunting being frontman Anton Escobar's primary form of communication. I think the best part of Tombstalker's self-titled is that it gives us something to look forward to. These guys clearly know how to write catchy songs with integrity, and I'm really hoping they keep that sound when they release a full-length.

7.5 out of 10


1. Lecherous Aeon
2. Ocularis Terribus
3. Supreme Veneration Of Death
4. Bastard Warriors

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