Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Decrepit - Creation Of Sin

Ohio's Decrepit are a relatively unknown band. I hadn't even heard of these guys until rather recently, so in good ol' fashion I decided to procure myself some of their material. I figured I'd start with the Creation Of Sin compilation, which combines The Wake 7" and the Hymns Of Grief And Pain demo. This makes "Pathogenisis" the only real new track in the compilation.

Honestly "To Rise Again" and "The Wake" are very standard mid-paced death metal. The production and mixing are standard, the riffs are more or less forgettable, and the rhythm section is just on par for early death metal. "Pathogenisis" serves as a transition to the more esoteric and interesting Hymns Of Grief And Pain portion of the compilation. The first two tracks of this portion are really doom influenced. Both have slow breaks and a fuzzy distortion. "Withered" however is absolutely brilliant. It reminds me of Dawn Of Possession-era Immolation and early Incantation with a bit of black metal thrown in for good measure. It's an atmospheric and dark track, which seems to be a recurring theme on the latter half of the compilation. "Mausoleum" shares a similar atmosphere with more doom influence, and the title track is bouncy and littered with harmonics.

Overall the compilation is pretty strong. The weakest tracks are surprisingly those written later in Decrepit's career. The Wake single was actually released a year after the Hymns Of Grief And Pain demo. Apparently these guys are still active as well and released a split with Nunslaughter and two other bands in 2007, and they recently re-released this compilation with the addition of the tracks from their Acrimonium full-length. I'll have to check out that release sometime since this is pretty solid stuff (other than those first two tracks).

7.0 out of 10


1. To Rise Again

2. The Wake

3. Pathogenisis

4. The Gate to Misery

5. Spirits of Infirmity

6. Withered

7. Mausoleum

8. The Creation of Sin

9. Rotted Congregation

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